Vehicle Tinting

T&T Tinting's Auto Tinting is ranked # 1 in the U.S.(by Window Film Magazine Sept-Oct 2013 issue)

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T&T Tinting has been tinting Hawaii’s windows since 1982 and to date, T&T Tinting has installed the latest in window film technology on over 250,000 vehicles on O`ahu alone. 

T&T was just named the #1 Auto Tinting company in the United States by the industry's "bible", Window Film Magazine. Our management team and staff are loyal and hardworking factory-certified installers. Our team has a total of over 240 years of glass tinting experience. We were instrumental in the drafting, lobby and passage of safe and practical Glass Tinting Laws for the State Hawaii from 1982 to as recent as June 2010 for the new AIR Blue Windshield Film amendment, and we believe that the public’s safety is of foremost concern. 

We have pioneered a hobby into a professional industry that has proven to not only make your car or home “look” better, but also to make it safer, cooler and more energy efficient.


Here are a few things about our FormulaOne Performance Automotive Films that you may not know . . .

  1. FormulaOne Performance Automotive Films are more than just the best automotive window films in the world; it is an entire program committed to perfection.
  2. The Film is manufactured by the largest maker of window films in the world, Performance Films by Eastman of Martinsville, Virginia. These films include the absolute newest in window film technology. From the Classic Series to the new “Pinnacle”; the first NANO-CERAMIC (non-metallized, non-dyed and 100% non-conductive) window film that appears to be dyed but isn’t! Over 54% heat rejection with a non-reflective exterior appearance and backed by a transferable, National Lifetime Warranty on material & labor that ensures this film will never turn purple, bubble or peel! Finally, a window film that lasts as long as your vehicle!
  3. Performance Films by Eastman selects its FormulaOne dealers from the best installation companies in the Nation. The manufacturer puts strict guidelines and quality controls in place and Eastman certifies each of our installers.
  4. National and Local area advertising keeps the program organized and focused.
  5. NATIONAL Lifetime Warranties included: Tint your vehicle with FormulaOne Performance Automotive Film here at T&T Tinting in Hawaii, and your lifetime warranty is good from Hawaii to Florida and everywhere in between. Plus, it is transferable too!!
  6. Regular manufacturer sponsored training and annual meetings keep all FormulaOne Dealers up to date on all of the latest innovations in new products and installation techniques.


T&T Tinting; Always the Leader in Window Film Innovation . . . . .

In 1986 we introduced “Titanium”; in 1992 we brought you “Platinum” and the unbelievable “one-piece” curved rear window installation. In 1994 there was the introduction of high-heat cutting “Ultra-Chrome”, in 1997 Lifetime Warranty “Vista Window Film” for your home, and in 1998 we brought to the Islands, National Lifetime Warranty “FormulaOne Performance Automotive Films” and the incredible “Ultimate”, the first 100% all-metal window film that looks completely non-reflective.